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The Voodoo RPM was designed with one single goal in mind -- MASH THE GAS and unleash even more magic than the original Voodoo. With a laid out rocker line blending to a slight nose flip, this high octane design will leave you pushing for more. More speed, more power, more snap and more release - The Voodoo RPM is staged and ready to light em up! 

Paired with R-Series ultra premium carbon fiber, basalt and hemp construction; and our Ultra Carbon fins, it’s time to red line this bad boy and blow the doors off anyone standing in your way for podiums. 

R-Series Boards include Soulcraft Ultra Carbon fins (3.5 or 4.0).  The 100% pure carbon fiber construction provides riders with instant feedback and positive energy transfer during powerful surfing movements. Ultra Carbon fins allow for earlier release on airs with a clipped tip design. Boards sized 4'5" and under ship with Ultra Carbon 3.5 fins. Boards 4'6" and over ship with Ultra Carbon 4.0 fins. 

PRE-ORDER SoulCraft Voodoo RPM R-Series Wakesurf Board

SKU: 217537123517253
    • Performance Focus: Advanced - Expert
    • Nose: Blunt
    • Tail: Wide Sqaush
    • Fin Setup: Twin / Ultra Carbon
    • Rocker: Flat + Nose Flip
    • Construction: Epoxy / EPS / PVC
    • Available Lengths: 4’0”-5’0”
    • Includes: Board / Traction / Fins